Being An Escort

Tips To Stay Healthy While Being An Escort

When you are an escort, there are some things that you will have to do in order to impress clients. No, it is not what you are thinking; most clients will want to take the escort out for dinner before they actually get down to business. If your job requires you to stay skinny and maintain a great figure while also having to go out for fancy dinners filled with food, it can indeed be a really problematic thing. I really do get the problems that escort face, because if they don’t eat at the dinner that the client takes them to, it will certainly offend the client and they actually have to make sure that the client is happy. In this article, I have provided some of the best tips to stay healthy and fit while also practising the profession of escorting.

–    The key to eating and staying healthy is all about calories. It is also about the number of activities that make you go around every day. It is about how many calories you burn and how much you consume on a daily basis.

–    If you are someone that goes to a gym or someone who has a lot of physical exercises, then you are certainly lucky because you will definitely stay healthy as you have exercise.

–    If you look it up, you will see that people, who exercise often, have been known to live longer than the ones who don’t exercise. If you eat little food every day and if you reduce your quantity of how much food you consume, you will eventually lose weight.

–    You need to make sure that you a wide range of leafy vegetables and fruits that are really good for your health. You need to understand that natural food items like vegetables and fruits do not contain any carbohydrates and fats and therefore, there is absolutely no way that you would gain weight if you only had these in your diet.

–    On average, a normally built man should consume 2500 calories a day, and a woman should consume 2000 calories a day.

–    You should base all of your meals on high fibres and starchy foods. This can include bread, cereals, pasta (on occasion), etc.

–    At this point, you certainly know that you should if you eat a lot of veggies and fruits. Per day, you should have at least 3 servings of these, one with every meal.

–    If you are a non-vegetarian, you can eat these fish.

–    Salmon

–    Trout

–    Herring

–    Mackerel

–    Sardines

–    You should cut down on all fatty and sugary products.

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